How did Society St come about you may ask? Well, long story short: Had a baby… Went clothes shopping for said baby … Struggled to find things I liked… Started designing my own clothes and BAM! Here we are. 

Ok, so it wasn’t that easy, but it sure has been fun!

Basically, Society St was started after noticing a bit of a gap in the market. I found the shops were riddled with either pastels, bunnies and teddies or totally out there, loud clashing patterns and huge words or logos! I was a mission to design  boys clothing that ticked ALL of the boxes:

  • Simple but stylish designs
  • Something a little less mainstream
  • Practical and comfortable
  • Quality that would last
  • Affordable

So let’s meet the little man that drives me (crazy), He goes by the name of Keanu! He’s such a boy- He’s wild, he’s non-stop, he’s rough and tumble, he’s constantly moving, rolling down the hill or climbing to the highest point on the playground. I wouldn’t have him any other way! It was SO important to me to make sure my clothing could be worn ANYWHERE without him being restricted or without me worrying that he was going to tear a hole in his pants! 

And I’m Reanna, the lucky one who gets to be his mum! I'm an ex-defence spouse (now solo parent) and after living in 5 houses across 4 states in 2 years, I've finally settled back in Newcastle. I’m the face behind the brand. The one who designs the clothes, chooses the fabrics, runs the social media pages, replies to emails, packs your orders, attends the markets, stays up late, gets up early (sometimes), cooks the dinners, cleans the house (again, sometimes), packs the school lunches… wait, did I get a bit off track?

But then again, where would I be without you guys? My customers, Thanks for the likes, the comments, the tags, the mentions, the orders, the feedback and the photos. Your support means more than you will ever know!

So come join me on this crazy journey, you never know where the road will take us.

Are you part of the Society?



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